Bristol 2016

13015535_1337878316238693_5817635690488330792_nIt seems like a while since we raced, perhaps because all the Henleys were over so early this Winter, so the morning get up was quite a shock to the system (but then every morning is a shock to the system to me). (more…)

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Liver Birds come back to Worcester

A new venue and a new route up the M6 for the Worcester Dragons on Sunday 24th August.  Crusaders and Crosby Water Centre welcomed all the crews from around the country to their inaugural race event.

A crew of red & black took on the challenge and were looking forward to racing 200m, 450m and the fun event of the day in 10 man boats – which would be a first for many of the teams.

The sun was shining and the venue was absolutely fantastic.  The Dutch had travelled over for the event with United Dragons who had won their national league event the weekend before.

In an unusual precedent we had to run the morning racing again – the first time ever at a dragonboat event when we found the course to be slightly short on one lane!  Once we were under way again the racing was fantastic with some close results.

Worcester made the major final with Amathus and Tao and brought home bling back to Worcester in the shape of a liver bird trophy for a third place finish.






The afternoon saw us switch to the longer distance of 450m and in a tightly fought semi final Worcester were narrowly edged out of the major final and had to content with being in a minor final.  With something to prove the team took first place beating all other crews by a full boat length.

For a fun event Crosby had put on a 100m race in 10 man boats – fast and furious down the course, it was the first time for many people in a 10 man boat which are slightly different to our standard boat of 20 and were good fun.

Crosby_DragonsThe long journey home was made with smiling faces for a good day of racing and the drive to get to London in a weeks time for the final race meet of the season!


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Worcester fight off Hurricane Bertha

One of our favourite events of the year took place on Saturday 10th August.  It was time to invite all the teams to the home turf of Worcester.  With 24 hours to go there was nervous anticipation that the weather would defeat us as the news were full of reports of the remnants of Hurricane Bertha hitting the country.

With solid determination 16 crews travelled to Worcester to take part in the event and although there was some heavy rain and we had to make some last minute amends to the course the event went ahead as planned.  The tents were put up, the BBQ fired up and all the teams raring to go.

A great days racing of 200m and 1500m city loop started at 10am with the time trial to seed teams for the 200m racing.  A change to the Worcester programme saw us operate 2 boat racing which worked well and ensured that all teams were fighting all the way through

Worcester were leading the way with 3 boats on the water, Worcester Dragons, Worcester Dragonflies and Worcester Source.  It was a second outing for the Worcester Source this year as a racing crew and the team paddled well and were beating some crews who had been racing all season.

Then the inevitable happened and the Worcester Dragonflies met the Worcester Source in the final race!  It was a tight race all the way down the course with the Dragonflies just taking it on the line.

A full ladies programme with 5 teams entered meant that there was 2 heats before a 2 boat final.  Worcester Ladies had 2 boats and Worcester Ladies 1 made the final to take on a Kingston/Thames mixed boat and were just edged out at the final line to take a 2nd place and continue their domination of the league.

A favourite race for all teams is the 1500m city loop which sees all the teams setting off at 15 second intervals and going down to the road bridge with a turn and then back up to the racecourse.  On a lovely sunny day there are normally plenty of spectators to cheer the teams on, the rain had kept the public away, however the brave souls who had come out were in loud voice as the boats came home.

It was a good days racing and all teams went home with a smile and the sun started to shine.

Special thanks for the smiles have to go to our wonderful BBQ ladies who kept everyone well fed and watered and kept us going with their sing songs!

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Turns and Thrills in Exeter

Racing is coming thick and fast this year with only a fortnight between races.  This time the Worcester paddlers headed to Exeter – a favourite racing spot and where Worcester take a strong crew.

This year was no exception – 64 paddlers made their way to Exeter, some having made their way down the day before and camped making a fun weekend of it.

With 64 paddlers Worcester had the strongest squad from all the league clubs attending and were putting in 5 crews throughout the day.  3 crews in the league – Worcester Dragons, Worcester Dragonflies and Worcester Source along with 2 ladies crew.

This was the inaugural outing for Worcester Source as a registered BDA crew, having only previously competed as a scratch crew in competitions previously.

Worcester_ExeterThe sea of red & black Worcester shirts took over the Exeter Quayside and it was a wonderful site to see.  The sun was shining and we were looking forward to a good day of racing.

After a little false start, due to a wire not being removed by the council, we had to change direction of racing and then we were off…

All the Worcester teams performed well with the Worcester Dragonfiles pushing into the race for third and fourth place and posting times faster than some of the Premier league teams.

The Worcester Dragons made the major final however were just pipped at the finish line by TAO.

Next up was the ladies race with an impressive 6 teams entered.  Worcester ladies had 2 crews entered and the ladies were expecting a lot of support from our male counterparts on the side of the quay – and they did not disappoint.

Due to the problems on the water with the wire that was not able to be lowered the 1300m race with a turn had to be changed which made the turn a very tight one and a challenge for the helms.

With two heats there was an opportunity to improve on times and all Worcester crews did just that.  Huge praise has to go to our helms of Nigel and Maggie in getting us round the course as it was not an easy turn with many crews crashing into the wall or having to stop to get round before going again!!!  It’s never dull in a Dragon Boat.

Worcester_Dragons_Exeter Worcester Dragons powered round the final heat and looked like they had pulled off the victory however when the results were read out they had been put down into third place following TAO and Amathus.

A tired 64 paddlers then wound their way back up the M5 to Worcester to celebrate another successful day of racing.

After the results have been verified Worcester Dragons continue to hold top spot in the Premier league but it looks like it could be a close season.  Worcester Dragonflies have pushed up into 2nd place in the Standard league with Worcester ladies topping the league.

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Worcester Flies in Nottingham……

The date: Sunday 18th May

The venue: Nottingham

The result: Worcester win all the way!

The sun was shining as the teams made their way to Nottingham and our tents were put up to keep us cool and in the shade.  Our second event of the season was a mixed team event and saw 18 teams competing on the River Trent.

It was an unusual event in that we were racing 200m and a 2400m (or in effect it was a 2600m!!)

The Worcester Dragons won comfortably on their heat putting them in a strong position for the final with the Worcester Dragonflies competing well and putting in some really good times.

The final came down to three teams: Worcester Dragons, Tao and Notts Anaconda.   With  tight finish it was a Worcester win and the first place trophy coming home to the club!

Next up was our ladies team and with a boat full of red & black beauties it was a tight finish with Amathus ladies taking first and Worcester ladies taking 2nd place.

Our lunchtime treat was the new “fun race”.  It was a paired relay race.  With two teams competing we would have loved to have the two Worcester teams together, however it was not meant to be.  In fact the complete opposite happened and Worcester Dragons were paired with Amathus Gold and Worcester Dragonflies with Amathus – typical!

After both heats, Worcester Dragons were knocked out as it was the fastest four through to the semi’s, however Worcester Dragonflies put in a sterling performance to come in as the 4th fastest pair with Amathus.

After a great semi final race and a nervous wait they then made it through to the final.  What happened next was something everyone in the club never would have imagined happening!  Worcester Dragonflies and Amathus paired together for the final.  The warm up and team talk was done as one club with a sea of red & black and gold & black in a huddle.

The roar from the bank for both teams as they came down the final stretch was amazing and as you can see from the video below was a great race with Worcester Dragonflies winning their section of the heat against a strong crew.

It was a great fun event and Worcester Dragonflies took 1st place and their own winning trophy back to the club.

Worcester Dragonflies Relay Race

After a very short break and time to get some fluids on board it was time to get back in the boat for the distance race.  This involved two turns so our helms had their work cut out and needed to be on their best to get the boats round the buoys.

With Nigel and Kieran at the helm the boats set off at 20 seconds interval and as the Worcester Dragons won the 200m they set off last to chase down the rest of the crews.  It was  a tough race in the heat and both teams performed well.  It was going to be a tough call as there were 4 teams all within a close finish.  The results were read out and it was  a 3rd for Worcester.

With a trophy in each of the races it meant an overall 1st for Worcester Dragon Boat Racing club and a happy, hot but tired team of paddlers headed back to Worcester for a relaxing and refreshing drink to celebrate.


Check out these winning trophies!








The winning Dragonflies team

The winning Dragonflies team

The fabulous Worcester Dragon team

The fabulous Worcester Dragon team

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A racing start in Liverpool

The first event of the racing season saw us head north to Liverpool with two crews of Worcester Dragons and Worcester Dragonflies.  The mood in the camp was buoyant and everyone was looking forward to a good race. (more…)

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